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            Benzyl alcohol
            Chemical name:Benzyl alcohol
            Molecular formula:


            CAS NO.:100-51-6
            Exterior:colorless transparent liquid with slight fragrance
            Quality specifications:

            Appearance:colorless transparent liquid with slight fragrance


            Refractive index:1.5395(ηD20℃) B

            oiling Point:205.4℃;

            Flash Point (Close):100℃;




            Benzyl alcohol is a good solvent with middle boiling point. It is mainly applied to:

            1.The curing argent modifier and solvent for epoxy resin.

            2.Epoxy paint, epoxy floor, encapsulation, epoxy adhesive and epoxy ornaments.

            3.Medicine synthetic solvent, preservative for ointment or liquid medicine.

            4.Photographic developing agent, cleaning agent, synthetic glass solvent and lens colorant.

            5.Solvent for meat products stamp-pad ink and ball-point pen oil.

            6.Perfume fixative, indispensable component for jasmine, tuberose or ylang, compound perfume of soap and daily cosmetics.

            Packaging and Transportation:

            Placed in sealed container and kept in a cool and dry place.Packed in galvanized iron drum, steel drum.

            Molecular Structure:
            Benzyl alcohol