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            Dicyclopentadiene Diepoxide
            Chemical name:Dicyclopentadiene Diepoxide
            Molecular formula:


            CAS NO.:81-21-0
            Exterior:White solid powder with slight terpene-like odor
            Quality specifications:

            Epoxide number:1.21-1.22

            Purity: 97% min. H2O:0.3% max.

            Melting point:185 - 189℃

            Density:1.330 g/cm3


            1) Used as the basic component of epoxy resin system, and alkyd resin modification, also can be used as plasticizer and chemical intermediate;

            2) High performance electrical casting;

            3) High-temperature adhesives;

            4) As laminated material;

            5) High-temperature resistant coating;

            6) LED encapsulating resin material;

            7) Metal mold material;

            8) Special high temperature resistant material;

            9) Preparation for special performance composite materials;

            10) Printed circuit board substrate as adhesive;

            11) Electrical components are encapsulated with high-performance potting compound, organic chlorine content and low volatile flux, can meet the performance requirements of very high pouring insulation technology.

            Packaging and Transportation:

            UN number: 2811, Class: 6.1, Packing Group: III

            Molecular Structure:
            Dicyclopentadiene Diepoxide