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            Alicyclic alcohol ether (CDX-7260)
            Molecular formula:



            Jewelry glue; epoxy floor primer;stone dry hanging adhesive;

            Molecular Structure:
            Alicyclic alcohol ether (CDX-7260)

            Product name : Cyclohexanediol monoethylene glycol ether

            Relative molecular mass: 160.2 g/mol

            Boiling point: 245-250 ℃

            Melting point: -70 ℃

            Density: 0.103 g/ml

            Flash point: 105 ℃

            Product index

            Item Unit Index
            Appearance - Colorless transparent viscous liquid
            Color Pt-Co color comparison <30#
            Water content % ≤0.1
            Viscosity mPa.s/25℃ 400--600

            Featues and uses

            Features: Has better hydrophobicity and solubility, higher boiling point and stronger activity.


            1. Environmental-friendly solvent: as a low-toxicity and environmental-friendly toughening agent, it has favorable performance in the field of building structure strengthening and etc.

            2. Excellent toughening ability for epoxy resin, acrylic resin, polyester resin and other cured products;

            3. Cost advantage: The price is lower than commercially available active tougheners.

            Application example test data

            Item CDX-7260 207 toughening thinner Remarks
            Appearance Colorless transparent viscous liquid Diluent with 128 epoxy resin is mixed by 100:20
            Viscosity 2100mpa.s 900mpa.s
            Operation time 60min 62min The above data is measured with the same amount of addition.
            Full curing time 20h 24h
            Impact strength MPa 20 19
            Compression strength MPa 99 95
            Flexural strength MPa 20 19
            Tensile strength MPa 60 57