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            Alicyclic alcohol ether (CDX-7300)
            Molecular formula:



            1. Chemical synthesis intermediate

            2. Coating thinner 

            3. Adhesive thinner

            Jewelry glue

            Epoxy floor primer

            Stone dry hanging adhesive

            Electronic-pouring sealant

            Application example test data

            Molecular Structure:
            Alicyclic alcohol ether (CDX-7300)

            Product name: Dioxocyclohexan methanol

            Relative molecular mass: 130 g/mol

            Boiling point: 187 ℃

            Melting point: -23.2 ℃

            Density: 1.027g/ml

            Flash point: 93 ℃

            Volatilization rate: 0.025

            Product index

            Item Unit Index
            Appearance - Colorless transparent liquid
            Color Pt-Co color comparison <30#
            Water content % ≤0.1
            Viscosity mPa.s/25℃ 11

            Features and uses

            Features: good hydrophilicity and dissolving capacity, lower viscosity and higher boiling point.


            1. Environmental-friendly solvent: As a low toxicity and environmental protection solvent, it is a good substitute for benzyl alcohol products;

            2. Excellent dilution ability for alkyd resin, epoxy resin, acrylic resin, polyester resin, etc.

            3. No special smell, very hydrophilic.

            Application example test data

            Item CDX-7300 Benzyl alcohol Remarks
            Appearance Colorless transparent viscous liquid Diluent and resin mixed by 1:1
            Viscosity 43mpa.s 40mpa.s
            Operation time 20min 17min The above data is measured with the same amount of addition.
            Touch drying time 80min 74min
            4h hardness 30D 35D
            6h hardness 69D 70D
            8h hardness 76D 75D
            10h hardness 81D 80D